If you've ever wished you could write sales copy like the pro copywriting do...then this is going to be the solution you've been waiting for....



"Here's How You Can Turn Your Dull, Boring Sales Copy....Email Copy....Blog Posts (or any copy) Into Compelling, Energetic and Enticing 'Pro Level' Copy....(even if you flunked English at school) "



If all the sales copy you write always ends up reading like some boring essay written by an English grammar professor, or if English is your second language, then you need to read every word on this page.....

Because I'm going to reveal the
single biggest secret NONE of the copywriting courses out there can ever teach you....

A secret so simple to do, you'll be writing compelling, emotive sales copy faster than you ever thought you could.




From the desk of: Glen Hooke



Welcome Fellow Marketer,



I don't care what it is.....copy for a squeeze......a sales letter.....and email.....a blog post....


....it doesn't matter....


Because writing sales copy of any kind can be so damn frustrating that you can feel like tearing your hair out...


Tell me: When you sit down to write a piece of sales copy, does it turn out to be conversational, and packed full of words that hit the readers deep emotions, catching and holding their mind, and making their heart beat just a little faster....


....or does it read like some long-winded essay written by some stuck-up blowhard, who uses perfect English grammar, and is so boring that it's more exciting to watch ice melt?


How many times have you shaken your head in total despair and frustration, desperately wondering what the heck you can try next to improve the sales copy you write?


All the time you're thinking......"I know my business upside down and inside out, and I'm more passionate about it than any other person alive. I just know the people out there will love it".....


And yet...the words you're typing totally refuse to get your excitement and passion across to your readers enough to buy.


It's just agonizing.....isn't it?


And you wonder...Why....Why....Why!


Well, I'll tell you 'why' in a minute...


But just before I do, I'd like to take one minute of your time, and introduce myself.


My names Glen, and let me say straight up....


.....I'm not one of those big-name professional copywriter. Not even close.


.....I'm not one of those 'underground guru' who's suddenly appeared 

     out of the ether to impart my words of wisdom.


No....I'm just a humble internet business owner much like you.


Anyway, I've been in this crazy internet marketing business for close to 12 years, creating software products for the internet marketing community.


And one of the biggest lessons I learnt right from the start was just how vitally important it was to be able write powerful sales copy...email copy, or any copy for that matter.


But I had a problem.....


I was a lousy writer.


So I thought...easy fixed..... I'd just learn to write sales copy. After all, how hard can it really be.


Being dumb and naive back then, I thought I'd just buy a few copywriting courses, study up...and I'd be good to go.


But GEEEZ.....did I ever come crashing back to earth in a big hurry.


How many times have you shaken your head in total despair and frustration, desperately wondering what the heck you can try next to improve the sales copy you write?


Changing just a few words in your copy can totally transform people's feelings and emotions.


This video proves that....






Good copy can mean the difference between making very few sales and making hundreds or even thousands of sales.



You could have the best product or service in the world, but if you can’t convey what it does for people in a compelling way that gets them excited about it and what it can do for them, then you’ll only make a fraction of the sales you could be making if you had a message that gets people fired up and inspires them to take action and buy your thing.


Words that convey those sorts of emotions in the reader are called ...power words.


So what is a 'power word'?


Here's how I explain it: A 'power word', or power phrase, is a word or phrase that carries it's own emotional wallop. No one reads a good 'power word' without having their heart beat a little faster, their mind come alive with old, or a least some small part of their system take notice.


.....But no 'power words' is  ever BORING.


I don't have to tell you, the Number One Rule of good copy is to....never bore your reader.


Take the word 'walked', as in ....'he walked down the street'.


Nothing special going on with that word. Right?


Now, let's change 'walked' to...'sauntered'....'strolled'....'sashayed'....'mosey'.....'dawdled'... 'hoofed-it'


.....'he sauntered down the street'.

.....'he strolled down the street'.

.....'he sashayed own the street'.

.....'he moseyed down the street'.

.....'he dawdled down the street'.

.....'he hoofed it down the street'.


So what do you think is better. The boring word... 'walked'.... or any one of those six other imaginative, catchy words?


Can you see how by simply creating a definite image in your readers mind by choosing the right emotive words, you change the whole emotion and 'feeling' of that plain boring little sentence and transform it into a vividly descriptive..... more conversational....more friendly and more engaging sentence.


The underlying emotional triggers that grab a prospect's attention, and  keep his eyes glued to the page comes down to choosing the right words in your copy.

Never at any point in history has there been this many powerful tools available to copywriters, marketers and business builders.

So much information out there that breaks whole copywriting process down into clear, step-by-step detail — improving and perfecting your writing has never been easier!

But there was one missing piece to the puzzle. And it was a big one.

 While there is a wealth of copywriting information about how to develop a hook….how to structure a PS, or how to put together an irresistible offer, there was zero information or help on mastering the use of the most magical and powerful words and expressions in the English language, like … stacking the deck … lightning fast … have your cake and eat it too … taken to the cleanersa king’s ransom … like money in the bank … worth it’s weight in gold … and so, so many more.
Once you understand and master the use of all these powerful words and phrases, and then begin putting them into every piece of sales copy you ever write, the success of all your promotions will explode.

You’ll be doing it in way that’s exactly like the masters do.

This one skill is something that normally takes many years — sometimes even decades — to master.


 But now you’ll be able to become a master wordsmith in only a few minutes, and start writing all your sales copy like a pro, with the help of Copy Power Pro.


So that you can see how powerful this one of a kind software is (and yes...it really is the only software of it's kind on the market) take a look at few screenshot below:







Powerful Swipe File containing: 2494 swipes, all set out in alphabetical order and categorized into:


283 Attention Grabbing Opening

100 Captivating Article Titles

100 Compelling Guarantees

100 Engaging Calls to Action

247 Enticing Post Scripts

389 Hypnotic Headlines

264 Killer Sub-Headlines

603 Outrageous Subject Lines

190 Persuasive Bullet Points

117 Power Transitions

101 Thought-Provoking Questions




  • Easily add new swipes. If you have any swipes you want to add into your own database, you can easily do that. Then you can call that up anytime you like select and save






  • Massive inbuilt thesaurus containing synonyms, power words and power phrases. No more wasting time looking up clumsy dictionaries or thesauruses while you're trying to concentrate on writing your copy. Now you have a massive arsenal or synonyms, power words and power phrases right at your fingertip with Copy Power Pro.

  • Automatically highlights words where alternate synonyms for relevant words with one mouse click. Now you can easily find the most relevant and powerful words which best suits your needs.

  • Quickly and easily change out dull and boring words. Can't figure out exactly what the right words or phrases are to use!. Now you can find dozens of alternate words and phrases with one mouse click.






  • Automatically create the new version of your copy in real time as you edit. This is an amazing time-saving feature. At a glance you can see the edited copy right before your eyes as you make each change to any words or phrases.

That way you can check how your copy reads as you go. If you don't like a word choice, you can just go back and choose another.






  • Create your own personalized database of power words and phrases. If you want to add a new power word or phrase into the software, you can easily do that. Plus, you can edit or delete any word or phrase you add.












If you want start writing more powerful and


 compelling copy, then you need to get on the priority


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